Gallery: Agriculture

Orthman is a world leader in agricultural equipment because quality is built deeply into everything we do

Great ideas in agriculture come from farmers in the field. In 1965, Henry Orthman’s first great idea was to develop and market hitch conversion kits that would let growers keep their existing implements when they purchased a new tractor. From there, he developed one of the earliest folding toolbars, the first ground-engaging implement steering system and a host of other agricultural innovations.

In 2001, Orthman introduced the tool that would spur tremendous interest and international growth in precision strip-till farming — the Orthman 1tRIPr. A near-instant success because of its extraordinarily effective operation, Orthman was soon shipping 1tRIPrs to Australia, South Africa and Eastern Europe, and today, they are at work in more than 14 countries worldwide.

Although Orthman is a leader in strip-till agriculture, we offer a full line of quality products in a variety of categories including:

1tRIPr thumb


Nutrient Placement thumb

Nutrient Placement

BedListers thumb


Residue Management thumb

Residue Management

Primary Tillage thumb

Primary Tillage

Fallow Tillage thumb

Fallow Tillage

Cultivators thumb


Toolbars thumb


Implement Guidance thumb

Implement Guidance

Grain Carts thumb

Grain Carts

Soil Moving thumb

Soil Moving

DR Series Planters thumb

Deere-Orthman DR Series Planters

Orthman remains headquartered on the original site of Henry Orthman’s farmstead, and today the facility houses state-of-the-art computer-aided design studios, an advanced manufacturing and assembly line and experimental farming plots.

Orthman continues to grow, testing new products and farming practices  at research sites across the U.S., South Africa and Eastern Europe. Our innovation and product quality has led to long-term OEM agreements with John Deere and other manufacturers, and our dealer network continues to expand nationally and internationally. In 2013, Orthman opened a production facility in Kempton Park, South Africa, to better meet the needs of growers in sub-Saharan Africa. In late 2015, Orthman will begin operations in a state-of-the-art, 115,000-square-foot manufacturing and production facility near our Lexington, Neb., headquarters.

Orthman offers complete service and support for its agricultural products through a select network of Orthman dealers, backed by Orthman-trained product specialists and an extensive catalog and inventory of Orthman parts.

Orthman offers products and services in conveying and logistics, but our roots are deep in agriculture. We take pride in helping producers improve yields and preserve soil with equipment that works hard season after season. Nothing else is built like an Orthman and that’s why our equipment is A Tough Act to Follow.