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Soil Moving

Rugged tools that make the earth move

When you need earthmoving scrapers that do their jobs easily, reliably and for years yet to come, you need an Orthman. Choose the Orthman scraper that best fits your needs.

  • CS/CSX Commercial Scrapers

  • CS/CSX Commercial Scrapers

    Built to work — hard — and still give you precise control

    The commercial scraper line includes the heavy-duty CS and extra heavy-duty CSX models. Orthman’s rugged commercial scrapers are designed for applications not requiring the actual transport of material, and are built to provide years of reliable service even in the high-wear environment of everyday commercial use.

    CS/CSX Commercial Scrapers
  • FE/FX Forced Ejection Scrapers

  • FE/FX Forced Ejection Scrapers

    Load fast, unload easy, up to 10 cubic yards at a time

    The Forced Ejection FE (dolly-wheel hitch) and FX (drawbar hitch) lines are the most popular scrapers in the lineup. They are designed for precision earthmoving, with the ability to transport soil any distance, and allow the operator to unload at a precise depth with an exact amount of material.

    FE/FX Forced Ejection Scrapers
  • PS Planing Scrapers

  • PS Planing Scrapers

    Orthman’s basic box scraper, the PS series, is available with a 10- to 12-foot blade that can be pulled by 30- to 80-HP utility tractors.

    PS Planing Scrapers
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