Abraham Lincoln’s Words Still Ring True Today

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Published January 2, 2012 | By admin


Now some 153 years ago in 1859 Abraham Lincoln gave an address to the State Agricutural Society of Wisconsin growers regarding the evident yield decline in crop production and that he believed that with care, better management skills, knowledge of the soil twice if not more could come from the soil in the way of production.


Let me quote from Cyril Hopkins writing from the speech Lincoln gave; ” My first suggestion is an inquiry as to the effect of greater thoroughness in all departments of agriculture than now prevails in the Northwest – perhaps I might say America. To speak entirely within bounds, it is known that fifty bushels of wheat or one hundred bushels of Indian corn, can be produced from an acre.” He goes on to state; “Less than a year ago I saw it stated that a man, by extrordinary care and labor, had produced of wheat what was equal to two hundred bushels from an acre (we are speaking of 1858 now). But take fifty of wheat, and one hundred of corn to be the possibility, and compare it with actual crops of the country. Many years ago I saw it stated, in a patent office report, that eighteen bushels was the average crop throughout the United States; and this year an intelligent farmer of Illinois assured me that he did not believe the land harvested in that state this season yielded more than eight bushels to the acre; much was cut, and then abandoned as not worth threshing, and much was abandoned as not worth cutting.” That year was dry and cinch bugs ate crops up was the comments from the author.


Lincoln goes on and states this – “It is true that heretofore we have had better crops with no better cultivation, but I believe that it is also true that the soil has never been pushed up to one-half its capacity.” Abraham Lincoln was very observant and knew that from his folks family farm in Cumberland County near Charleston, ILL that possibilities, better skills and ingenuity would improve crop production and well managed use of the soils resources.


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