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Rigid Bedlister

Quality bedding at a competitive price

The Orthman Rigid BedLister provides growers with a perfectly shaped seedbed every time. The row unit is rigidly mounted to the toolbar to provide a competitive price while the lister unit is fully adjustable to build the desired bed. These quality Rigid BedListers are available on Orthman’s rigid, folding or stacking toolbars, in models ranging from 8 to 16 rows to match your farming operation.


Rotary moldboards

Precisely shape your bed height and width with slope adjustable, smooth-pulling rotary moldboards perfected by Orthman through decades of customer feedback. The heavy-duty unit toolbar mount provides a solid foundation necessary for the rigors of bedding.


Robust sealed bearings

Greasing bearings is one maintenance task you won’t have on the Rigid BedLister. Orthman’s heavy-duty sealed bearings allow you to conquer the toughest bedding conditions year after year.

Follow the leader in stack-fold technology — Orthman

Orthman was at the very forefront in developing stack-fold technology and continues to provide the best stacking toolbars available. Orthman precision line-bored, wide-wing hinges offer increased strength and smooth, reliable folding for the life of your machine. Built to handle the roughest conditions, Orthman stacking toolbars go from road-ready to working in the field quicker than you can say, “Make mine Orthman!”

Unsurpassed toolbar strength

The Rigid BedLister can be mounted on any of Orthman’s industry-leading rigid, folding or stacking toolbars featuring wide, precision line-bored hinges for smooth folding and extra-engineered strength. The Rigid BedLister is available in 8- to 16-row configurations with 30” to 60” spacing to adapt to a wide variety of applications.

Additional Lifting Power

Optional lift assist wheels can be added to help reduce the tractor load with their 10,000 lb lift capacity and large tire width for better field flotation in wet conditions.

Optional GPS Implement Guidance

For greater precision, the Orthman Tracker® IV implement guidance system can be added to the Rigid BedLister, guaranteed to help build a precision foundation to produce maximum yields.

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