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30" Row Planters

Standard spacing has never had so many options

The options are nearly endless with Orthman’s 30” spacing DR Series Planters. With sizes ranging from 12 to 24 rows and the John Deere MaxEmerge™ 5 family of row units, you can set up your DR with options like row unit hoppers, bulk fill, narrow transport, implement guidance and onboard fertilizer tanks to name just a few.

Orthman stack-fold technology is out in front around the world

Orthman is known as a worldwide leader in versatile, durable stacking toolbars because we continually strive to meet and exceed the changing needs of customers. DR Series Stacking Planters are the result of decades of stacking toolbar experience and have been designed as the ultimate planter platform. The 30” spacing DR Planter lineup features two different styles of planters; the DR12 and DR18 models are built on a heavy-duty stack-fold toolbar with lift assist wheels, and the DR24 is built on the innovative short-coupled semi-mount/pull-type toolbar.

Mounted with Lift Assist Wheel

Semi-Mount/ Pull-Type

High-Quality Construction

DR Planter toolbars are constructed of high-strength premium grade steel tubing to provide years of trouble-free use and all folding hinges are precision line-bored to ensure smooth folding and extra strength, consistent with all Orthman toolbars.

Our most popular planter

The 30” DR24 is a best-in-class performer. It combines the strongest toolbars in the industry with an innovative gull wing feature, flexible frame, GPS implement guidance options and industry-leading fertilizer carrying capacity. These features, combined with the shortest length of any 24-row planter on the market, put the DR24 in a league of its own.


Superior Flotation

The 30” DR24 features six center-section lift wheels and 50 percent more tire than standard 24-row pull-type planters for better weight distribution and reduced compaction.

Maximum Maneuverability

The unique design of the DR24 is up to 40 percent shorter in field length than the competition to help minimize headlands and maximize in-field maneuverability. With a transport length up to 65 percent shorter on the road, you can easily maneuver this planter in and out of tight field entrances.

Industry-Leading Fertilizer Carrying Capacity

When equipped with row unit hoppers, the DR24 is available with a 1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank, the largest in the industry.

Adapt to Uneven Field Terrain

The three-section flexible frame of the DR Planter with wing float adapts to uneven field terrain, with 8 degrees up and 8 degrees down to allow you to handle any ground conditions.

Industry-Exclusive Configurations

DR 12 and DR18 30” planters feature industry-exclusive mounted planter seed capacity, with their 75-bushel and 100-bushel bulk seed systems. Heavy-duty lift assist wheels are standard equipment, with large tires for maximum flotation. DR18 models are also able to be equipped with 1.6- or 3.0-bushel row unit hoppers, for more configuration flexibility.

Worry-Free End Turns

DR Series Planters feature an innovative gull-wing package that allows the wings to flex upward 8 degrees for more clearance on end turns. DR Series Planters are perfect for planting up to ditches to minimize the need for headlands and allow you to turn around with the wings overhanging ditches and waterways — unlike drawn planters that utilize carry wheels on the end of the planter toolbar.


Multi-Fold Toolbars

All DR18 and DR24 row planters are built on innovative multi-fold stacking toolbars. A single hydraulic SCV folds and unfolds the planter for quick stack-and-go performance, getting you from field to field faster, while their narrower transport increases road safety.


Integrated GPS Implement Guidance Mounting

Combine the short field length of the DR24 with an Orthman GPS implement guidance system for unrivaled seed placement accuracy

30” spacing DR Planters are designed to work perfectly with the Orthman Tracker IV & Shadow Tracker GPS implement guidance systems. The DR24 features built-in mounting points to bolt the Tracker system directly to the planter for optimal weight balance and provide precise planting of your crop no matter the terrain. The Tracker IV can also be fitted with an Orthman Nurse-Tank-Hitch to pull fertilizer tanks behind the DR24 for even more capacity in your operation.

Central Commodity System (CCS™)

John Deere CCS seed delivery adds productivity with its bulk fill capability and easy, thorough cleanout. It’s a great efficiency-enhancer, no matter whether you are planting corn, sweet corn, popcorn, cotton, sunflowers soybeans, or sorghum.

Less Time Filling, More Time Planting

DR18 and DR24 planters are equipped with two 50-bushel seed hoppers while the DR12 comes standard with two 35-bushel seed hoppers, allowing you to fill quickly and get back to planting faster.

If you are looking for the productivity of CCS while minimizing machine cost and increasing maneuverability, check out the all-new DR12 Fully Mounted CCS Planter with no lift assist wheels. The single 35-bushel hopper nearly matches the capacity of current 12-row machines with 3.0-bushel hoppers.

All-New MaxEmerge™ 5 Row units

With features like an improved doubles eliminator, new hopper design with increased sidehill performance, new vacuum air source and a chemical application option — not to mention the advantages of the SeedStar XP monitoring system, RowCommand Row Control System and the time-saving benefits of the Central Commodity System — you are equipped to go to the field with more advantages than ever before.

NEW Mini-Hopper

Enhanced design features new straight entry hose directly from the CCS tank to promote better seed flow and to cut down on potential plugging. With this upgraded series, you can maintain your target population on slopes up to 14°.

Clean Air Vacuum

Vacuum air now enters the mini-hopper directly from the CCS tank, providing only clean air and ensuring the seed meters stay clear of debris.

Doubles Eliminator

New and improved number dial knob allows for more precise setting with a variety of crop sizes, allowing you to achieve target population consistently.

Easier Meter Access

Make faster, simpler switch-over to the knockout wheel and scrapers without tools for quicker changeover between crop varieties, including hopper shutoff for 1.6- and 3-bushel hoppers.

Chemical Application Option

Lay down granular insecticide or herbicide with each seed pass to improve your overall productivity. Available on Pro-Shaft drive mini-hoppers and 1.6-bushel hoppers.

Available Configurations

12 Row 30” CCS
18 Row 30” CCS
18 Row 30” Row Unit Hoppers
24 Row 30” CCS
24 Row 30” Row Unit Hoppers

Follow the leader in stacking technology

The planting pass is the most important operation of the entire year — and the most time-sensitive. Let Orthman help you stay in the lead with an innovative three-section flexible frame and the rugged durability and exceptional maneuverability of the Orthman DR Series toolbar. Combine the Orthman DR Series with the John Deere Central Commodity System (CCS) and the all-new MaxEmerge 5 row units and you have a system that plants more acres in less time. Stack the odds in your favor with the Orthman DR Series Planters.

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