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All-Purpose Applicator

Orthman sets the new standard in fertilizer application

For easy pre- and post-emergent application of NH3 or liquid fertilizer, the Orthman all-purpose Fertilizer Applicator is the ideal solution. Its coulter cuts through the soil with ease and features grease-less, sealed-for-life bearings, grease-less composite bushings and a chemical-resistant rubber spring so there’s no daily maintenance required. Also not required: wrenches. With Orthman’s innovative pin-adjust closing disks you can set an entire machine and be ready to go in minutes. With a built-in Nurse-Tank Hitch and spring-cushion shank for easier pulling and protection against submerged obstacles, Orthman’s all-purpose applicator will provide years of trouble-free performance.


Zero daily maintenance, helps you get to work

Pre-plant and side-dress fertilizer applications are always very time sensitive, and with the Orthman 3|AP applicator’s zero daily maintenance requirements, you can spend more time in the cab covering more acres than ever before.

Cut through heavy residue, day after day

The Orthman spring coulter was designed with maximum efficiency at its core. The 20” smooth or rippled coulters are secured solidly to a heavy-duty row unit frame and mounted to the best toolbar in the industry … an Orthman.

Maintenance Free, Worry Free

The main pivot-arm of the spring coulter utilizes a greaseless composite bushing that never needs greasing. Providing up to 1200 lbs. of residue cutting power, the fertilizer- and chemical-resistant rubber compression spring is impervious to failures such as stretching or breaking, common with conventional steel springs.

Heavy-Duty Bearings

The fully integrated hub bearing system is greased and sealed for life, requiring zero daily maintenance and saving valuable application time. In addition to their efficiency benefits, the bearings are engineered to withstand the harshest operating conditions with fertilizer-resistant plating and more than 5 tons of dynamic load strength to conquer high speed rock impacts.

Wrench-Free, Independently Floating Sealing Discs

Time spent making adjustments can be costly, and knowing that every minute counts during fertilizer application, we built the 3|AP with simple pin-adjustable width and angle sealing discs. Adjust an entire machine in just minutes, and get back to doing what you do best.

Feed your plants fast

The heavy-duty, floating-disc sealers can seal-in anhydrous effectively up to 7 MPH, while protecting short corn from soil and debris. The additional spring down pressure absorbs shock loading to reduce bounce, increasing closing efficiency to prevent costly evaporation losses.

Independent Mounting, Constant Sealing

Unlike shank mounted disc sealers, the unit mounted floating sealers deliver stable sealing action regardless of the shank depth.

Built for Productivity

The floating disc sealers aren’t merely easy to adjust, they are easy to maintain as well. Utilizing the same greaseless fully integrated hub and bearing system as the cutting coulter, and composite greaseless pivot bushings, the Orthman 3|AP continues to set the standard for zero maintenance.

Unsurpassed toolbar strength

Orthman has been producing the world’s most versatile and durable toolbars for almost five decades. Competitors are still unable to produce a toolbar that can stand up to Orthman strength and innovation. Orthman vertical folding toolbars are manufactured to the highest standards with unsurpassed manufacturing processes such as precision line-bored folding hinges for extra strength and smooth reliable folding. Ask a producer, we bet he’ll say Orthman folding toolbars are the best that money can buy.

Patented Design

Orthman toolbars are designed around the original principles of the Orthman internal cylinder folding toolbar first developed in the 1970s. The toolbar’s innovative internal folding cylinder design allows the toolbar to fold while freeing up peripheral toolbar space that’s wasted in external folding cylinder models

Nurse-Tank Hitch

Quick and Easy Tank Hookup

A heavy-duty Nurse-Tank Hitch with integrated mounting points for a Raven super cooler and a swing arm for mounting of the quick release coupler are standard. Integrated rear parking stand ensures safety when in storage position.

Precision Depth Control

For additional depth control, optional gauge wheels utilize heavy-duty hubs and an enclosed height-adjustment screw for easy, maintenance-free adjustments.

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