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1tRIPr® II Row Unit

The Orthman 1tRIPr® II Row Unit is an engineer process in which individual components work in unison to perform ideal seedbed preparation, precision nutrient placement and optimal root zone conditioning in a single pass. When all of these precision tillage principles are combined, you’ve created the perfect environment to maximize your crop yield while minimizing your inputs.


Parallel Linkage

Parallel Linkage with the all new casted linkage and greaseless bushings, maintains consistent depth and fertilizer placement in uneven field conditions.

To go from heavy corn residue or cover crops straight to seed-ready beds in a single pass requires rugged, intelligently designed equipment. Unlike mounting systems that transfer draft force solely through U-bolts that can stretch, distort and break, Orthman’s heavy-duty force-through-mount design and wedge locking system join steel to steel to stand up to the rigors of strip tillage.

Precision Depth Control

For less soil variation and better planter stands regardless of the crop, Orthman’s innovative parallel linkage design allows 8 inches of vertical travel, allowing you to maintain a consistent depth and fertilizer placement regardless of the field terrain.

Maintains sub-inch depth accuracy for fertilizer placements
Consistent tillage and fertilizer depth in all field conditions

Orthman 1tRIPr® II

Individual row unit depth control allows the 1tRIPr® II to precision till and fertilize at the desired depth across the entire machine, regardless of the terrain

Depth Band Coulter

Achieve and maintain the ideal seedbed depth

Orthman is the only strip tillage machine in the industry with a depth band coulter.  The rugged 22” depth band coulter easily slices through surface and sub-surface residue to eliminate interference with the shank while it simultaneously maintains precise control of seedbed depth.

Reduce your maintenance workload with the 1tRIPr® II’s heavy-duty sealed bearings that allow you to conquer the toughest strip-till conditions, while an adjustable scraper cleans the coulter and depth band to run in All Field Conditions.

1tRIPr II Adjustable Scraper Image Coming Soon

Adjustable Row Cleaners

Rigid Row Cleaner

The Rigid row cleaner features rugged 16” notched disc blades to remove residue and does some first pass tillage for the planting strip, leaving behind a clear path for your planter to follow. Wrench free design to with quick pin adjustment.

Floating Row Cleaner

The Floating row cleaner features 13” shark tooth style backwards sloping teeth to respond instantly to changing field conditions and moving even the toughest residue to leave behind a clear path for your planter to follow.

Precision Tillage Shank

Shatter your yield-limiting compaction with optimum root zone conditioning

 The Precision Tillage shank promotes vigorous root growth with the all new patented point that rolls and lifts soil to reduce voids creating the perfect seedbed.

Root zone conditioning is critical for maximum root growth. To eliminate compaction layers that roots can’t penetrate, you need a rugged shank that completely shatters soil compaction zones. Orthman’s precision tillage shank breaks up clods and hard layers, increases water filtration, eliminates subsoil voids and promotes vigorous root growth through all stages of seed development.

Rugged 1″ x 4″ steel shank
Adjustable depth up to 11” deep
Eliminates voids, conditions soil
Increases water filtration

Auto Reset

The Auto-Reset Linkage provides an automatic reset for underground obstructions which helps protect the row unit from damage caused by unseen rocks. The auto-reset linkage trips the unit up and over obstacles then automatically resets. The reset, on-the-go design requires no operator involvement.

Accurate Fertilizer Placement

Place nutrients where they will do the most good — throughout the growing season

Because crop roots are the pathway for nutrient absorption, the Orthman 1tRIPr® is designed so that the roots can easily access the nutrient source both at the time of germination as well as during root development. The single- or dual-tube fertilizer placement system is completely adjustable independent of the shank depth, allowing producers to fine-tune nutrient placement for different crops and soil conditions. The liquid, dry, and NH3 fertilizer tubes are all depth adjustable independent of the shank.

Orthman’s single- or dual-fertilizer placement ability places nutrients where the plant can access them at all stages of growth.

Wavy Coulters

Constant depth for consistent tillage

The floating coulters found on some strip-till systems only act as a soil-capturing device, allowing ground conditions to determine their tillage abilities. Orthman’s positive-depth wavy coulters work with the shank to break up layers side to side in a “lift and pinch” motion that creates consistent depth and soil conditions row after row after row. This consistent tillage depth in all conditions sets up the seedbed for the perfect planter pass.

On the Orthman 1tRIPr® II you are now able to easily adjust the Wavy Coulters with a single easy to use handle.

Positive depth control
Rugged 18” blade
Unique wavy structure breaks up soil to eliminate voids

Rolling Basket

The perfect finish to a seed-ready bed

Properly finishing off the strip is the key to the perfect seedbed. The 1tRIPr® II’s rolling basket features adjustable down pressure to help break up any remaining clods and ensure smooth planter operation, which in turn helps guarantee better seed depth control. Five roller options are available, including standard, narrow standard and a new berm-promoting roller to create the ideal berm shape. For sandier soils where wind erosion may be a problem, a pneumatic tire roller produces minimal soil disturbance and firms light soils for better moisture retention.

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