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Orthman equipment makes short work of precision seed-ready bed preparation

Orthman has produced quality bedders and listers for decades to help generations of producers create perfect, seed-ready beds. Care in design and engineering, as well as quality at every step of the manufacturing process, means precision bed building and maintenance are easy tasks with Orthman bedding equipment, especially when built on the proven Orthman stack-fold toolbar.

Parallel Linkage BedLister

Time-tested Orthman durability builds the perfect bed

Orthman set the standard for bed-building decades ago with the Orthman Parallel Linkage BedLister. This often-imitated but never duplicated design is based on Orthman’s years of high-horsepower row crop tillage experience. With independent row depth control and rotary moldboards, the Parallel Linkage BedLister delivers smooth, consistent pull and perfectly shaped beds season after season.


Bedlister Roller

Uniform seedbeds, ready for planting in a single pass


The Orthman BedLister Roller simultaneously creates furrows for field drainage and irrigation while constructing a firm, level, uniform seedbed. Equipped with fully adjustable furrowers and heavy-duty rear rollers, the Orthman BedLister Roller enables you to accomplish more jobs in one field pass to save time and money. The BedLister Roller is available in a full range of row spacing configurations built on the solid foundation of Orthman rigid, folding or stacking toolbars.

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