Long Term Study with Texas A&M Shows Strip-Till Works

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Published December 27, 2010 | By admin


Dec. 27th, 2010….Strip-Till with Crop Rotation Study – Blacklands of Texas 2007-2010


Texas A&M has given us the go ahead to get this information to our readers. The report is a brief summary of what was observed over a 4 year period at the Stiles Foundation Farm east of Taylor, TX on US Hwy 79. The Stiles Foundation is a 2800 acre not-for profit 501.3(c) farm managed by Texas A&M. The activities and research occuring there demonstrates the A&M mission to show farmers what larger plot research is and how advanced systems agriculture really works.


This report depicts just that. The plots were 16 rows wide by 1600 ft in length and replicated. This information is very relational to what growers see on their own farms with changes in slopes and soils, dry vs, wet conditions and issues of size.


We apreciate the great aire of cooperation at the Stiles Farm and the manager/agronomist Archie Abrameit. This study offers some proof what we are seeing all across the U.S. with strip-till systems in heavy textured soils. Enjoy!


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