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Mounted Options

Mounted 1tRIPr® options are customizable to the way you like to farm

Now available for the 1tRIPr® II

The 1tRIPr® can be mounted on any of Orthman’s rigid or folding toolbars, including our row crop tillage toolbar — the best we’ve ever made. This design is based on the innovative, internal fold cylinder design originally developed by Orthman, with wide, precision line-bored hinges for smooth folding and extra-engineered strength.


Row Crop Tillage Toolbar

Engineered to meet the demands of row crop tillage for growers around the world, Orthman stays out in front with the strongest three-point hitch design in the market, built to handle today’s higher horsepower tractors.

The folding linkage design enables all models to fold 180 degrees for smaller transport width and height
Strategically placed mounting points provide clean and consistent routing positions for multiple types of fertilizer systems
Conveniently located lighting and hydraulic storage brackets are included on all folding toolbar models

Patented Design

Orthman toolbars are designed around the original principles of the Orthman internal cylinder folding toolbar first developed in the 1970s. The toolbar’s innovative internal folding cylinder design allows the toolbar to fold while freeing up peripheral toolbar space that’s wasted in external folding cylinder models.

High-Quality Construction

Mounted 1tRIPr® toolbars are constructed of high-strength premium grade steel tubing to provide years of trouble-free use and all folding hinges are precision line bored to ensure smooth folding and extra strength, consistent with all Orthman toolbars.

HD Carrier

The HD Carrier is a complete liquid or dry fertilizer application solution for mounted 1tRIPr machines, built on Orthman HD lift assist wheels. The HD lift assist wheels feature large tires for better flotation, and high quality welded cylinders built for repeated heavy loading.

Handles up to 575 gallons of liquid fertilizer in the Orthman fertilizer tank
Optional HD Nurse-Tank Hitch can be used in combination with either dry or liquid fertilizer systems for additional fertilizer capacity

Nurse-Tank Hitch

Heavy-duty Orthman TH4 hitch handles heavy fertilizer tank payloads, allowing growers to stay in the field longer between fill-ups. The telescoping and pivoting hitch tab allows easy connection to any trailer saving you time and headache.

GPS Implement Guidance Compatible

All Orthman mounted 1tRIPr® ‘s are compatible with the Tracker IV® GPS implement guidance system to take your precision fertilizer placement to the next level of precision. Read more about the benefits of implement guidance and strip-tillage techniques.

The 1tRIPr® is available in over 25 mounted configurations in 4- to 18-row sizes with 20″ to 40″ spacing, using Orthman’s time-tested rigid or folding toolbars.

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