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For real planting performance, follow the leader in stacking technology

The planting pass is the most important operation of the entire year — and the most time-sensitive. Let Orthman help you stay out front with the rugged durability and exceptional maneuverability of the Deere-Orthman DR Series Planters. The DR Series features an innovative 3-section flexible frame for uneven field terrain and is available in 20″-40″ configurations up to 60″ wide. Combine the DR Series with the John Deere Central Commodity System (CCS™) and the all new MaxEmerge™ 5 family of row units and you have a system that plants a lot more acres in a lot less time. Stack the odds in your favor with Orthman.


Narrow Row DR

Narrow spacing combined with wide field operation

Whether you’re planting corn and beans on 20” rows or sugar beets on 22” rows, Orthman has a DR planter to meet your needs. With sizes up to 24 rows, the DR Narrow Row Planters will help you cover more acres than ever before.


30" Row Planters

Standard spacing has never had so many options


The options are nearly endless with Orthman’s 30” spacing DR Series Planters. With sizes ranging from 12 to 24 rows and the John Deere MaxEmerge™ 5 family of row units, you can set up your DR with options like row unit hoppers, bulk fill, narrow transport, implement guidance and onboard fertilizer tanks to name just a few.

Wide Row Planters

Big-acre productivity in a heavy-duty package

Orthman’s stack-fold planter continues to be the planter of choice when planting on beds, ridges or strip-till. With the addition of John Deere’s CCS in wide row configurations, DR planters offer greater productivity, with 36″, 38″ and 40″ row spacing.


Fully Mounted CCS

Learn how maneuverability improves productivity


When you combine fully integral mounting with no lift assist wheels needed and the bulk-fill time savings of the John Deere Central Commodity System, you get the most maneuverable, efficient 12-row planter on the market today.

DR Twin-Row Planters

Accurate and reliable twin-row planting

Orthman’s DR8T Planter puts the time-tested strength of Orthman toolbars to work with the accuracy and reliability found in John Deere Twin-Row Planters. Better crop canopy and improved yields are just a few of the benefits DR twin-row planters can offer.

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