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Stacking Toolbars

Orthman stack-fold technology is out in front around the world

Orthman is known as a worldwide leader in versatile, durable stacking toolbars. Because we continually strive to meet and exceed the changing needs of customers, we’ve created a complete line of stacking toolbars ready for a wide variety of jobs. Orthman stacking toolbars are available in sizes from 8 to 24 rows with spacing from 15″ to more than 40″, and in mounted and semi-mounted (pull-type) configurations. Whatever you’re looking for in a stacking toolbar, look to the leader — look to Orthman.

High-Quality Construction

Orthman folding toolbars are constructed of high-strength premium grade steel tubing to provide years of trouble-free use and all folding hinges are precision line-bored to ensure smooth folding and extra strength, consistent with all Orthman toolbars.


Single-Bar Toolbars

Orthman Stacking Toolbars are the result of decades of stacking toolbar experience and have been designed as the ultimate platform to build your custom planter or tillage implement. Planter toolbars are available with welded-on or bolt-on hitches, while tillage bars require a bolt-on hitch.

Customize to your Operation

Orthman Stacking Toolbars range in size from 20 to 43 feet wide in 8- to 18-row configurations and are constructed of high-strength premium grade steel tubing. An optional gull wing kit is also available to enable wings to float over field terrain. If our large selection of nearly 25 configurations does not fit your needs, contact your local Orthman Product Specialist to talk about your custom toolbar needs.

Small Frame Narrow Transport

Because governmental regulations often require narrower transport widths of 10 feet (3 meters) or less as rural areas become more congested, these toolbars were specifically designed to meet these requirements. This small-scale stacking toolbar is modeled after the classic design and unmatched quality of its Orthman predecessors to meet the needs of producers in these areas.

Small Frame Narrow Transport Features

CAT 3/3N welded hitch
Single SCV fold operation
Available in 27.5-inch (70 cm) and 30-inch (76 cm) spacings with less than 10 feet (< 3M) of transport width
Less than 10’ transport width for 8 row 30-inch, 12 row 20-inch and 16 row 15-inch planters
Compatible with GPS Tracker® IV or GPS Shadow Tracker® Guidance Systems

Stacking Toolbar Features

CAT 3/3N welded hitches or Orthman heavy-duty CAT 3/3N & 4/4N 5-inch x 7-inch bolt-on hitches
Optional gull wing feature provides extra wing clearance for faster end turns; a three-section flex frame with wing float adapts to uneven field terrain
Operate wings separately or opt for the tee package option to connect wing fold cylinders to fold using a single SCV
Available in a wide range of custom sizes from 8- to 18-row in 20-inch to 40-inch spacings
Compatible with GPS Tracker® IV or GPS Shadow Tracker® Guidance Systems
Compatible with Orthman 1300 Series Row Markers

Multi-Fold Stacking Toolbars

Take productivity to the next level with an Orthman Multi-fold Stacking Toolbar. A solid toolbar foundation is guaranteed by the rugged dual-bar design made from welded, gusseted, high-strength steel tubing. The addition of the front bar provides superior strength at Orthman’s wide working widths of up to 60 feet. All folding hinges on the multi-fold stacking toolbars are precision line-bored to ensure smooth folding and extra strength for years to come. The multi-fold bars do not accommodate row markers; however, they are compatible with the GPS Tracker® IV or GPS Shadow Tracker® Guidance Systems.

Tillage and Planting Options

On multi-fold planter toolbars, the outer wings fold around to the front and then stack. Planter bars accommodate a working width up to 58 feet (18 row, 40-inch); tillage bars allow up to 62-foot (18 row, 40-inch) working widths. On multi-fold tillage bars, the outer row units fold vertically over 170 degrees before the wing stacks for road transportation.

Planter Toolbar

Tillage Toolbar

Multi-fold Stacking Toolbars Features

CAT 4N welded hitch
Single SCV fold control optional
Gull wing option for field float
Planters: 16-18 rows, in 30-inch and 40-inch spacings
Tillage: 18 row 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch and 40-inch

Semi-Mount Stacking Planter Toolbars

Take advantage of wide working widths without sacrificing the benefits of compact, mounted machines. The Orthman Semi-Mount Stacking Planter Toolbar (pull type) combines rear lift wheels with a short tongue and a semi-mount knuckle hitch to create the most maneuverable large stacking toolbar in the industry.

Superior Flotation

The placement of the six toolbar lift wheels significantly reduces the tractor hitch load, minimizing machine length and maximizing flotation. The pivoting knuckle hitch allows the toolbar a large range of motion for crossing field terrain and in transport.

Adapt to Uneven Field Terrain

The front-fold and stack wing design reduces the semi-mount stacking planter bar to a compact transport configuration. When in field position, the toolbar flexes in three sections with the wings able to float 8 degrees up and down.

Industry-leading fertilizer carrying capacity

A 1,000-gallon liquid tank can be mounted on the tongue for extra fertilizer carrying capacity. The stacker bar does not accommodate row markers; however, the toolbar is designed with attachment points for the Orthman GPS Tracker® IV implement guidance system.

Semi-Mount Stacking Toolbars Features

Semi-mount CAT 3 hitch
Innovative gull wing feature allows for extra wing clearance and faster end turns
Single SCV fold control, requiring no electronic folding controls for ease of use and years of trouble-free service
Three-section flex frame with wing float adapts to uneven field terrain
Six lifting gauge wheels help reduce compaction and increase flotation
1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank option adds even more efficiency to your planter
GPS Tracker® IV implement guidance ready
Available in 24 row 30-inch planter configuration

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