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Let Orthman help you prepare better seedbeds, faster

Today’s high-yielding row crops produce a thick, tough layer of plant residue, making the proper management of that residue extremely important. To prepare the seedbed for next spring’s planting faster and more efficiently, you need tools that can cut through the toughest high-residue conditions quickly, cleanly and completely, and do it year after year after year. Orthman residue management tools are designed, engineered and built to help you create the perfect environment for seeds to grow and are mounted on the most durable stacking and folding toolbars in the industry for a sturdy foundation.

Stalk Puller

The only tool you need between harvest and planting

The Orthman Stalk Puller is the ideal tool to root out last year’s crop residue and provide a residue-free seedbed for planting. This rugged tool uses low tractor horsepower, at high speeds of 10 mph and above, to make short work of large fields.


Seedbed Conditioner

Unmatched seedbed preparation


The Orthman Seedbed Conditioner is a multipurpose residue management and seedbed preparation tool for chopping stalks and preparing your fields for planting. The seedbed conditioner uses a unique 7-blade spiral chopper and double-conditioning baskets to chop stalks, stir loosened soil and leave a level seedbed for the ultimate planter ride and performance.

Raised Bed Conditioner

Seed-ready raised beds in a single pass

For residue management in crops raised on beds, nothing outperforms the Orthman Raised Bed Conditioner. In just one pass, it removes the previous crop’s root systems and prepares the top of the bed for planting by removing the crust and leveling the surface. Featuring a combination of sweeps, spiral chopping blades and double-conditioning baskets, the Raised Bed Conditioner breaks up soil clods and then levels, firms and aerates the seedbed for planting.


Track TILLr

Don’t just fill your pivot tracks, TILL them


The Track Tillr is the ultimate machine for repairing the tracks and ruts caused by center pivots. Most pivot track fillers do exactly that: They fill the track with trash and then cover it with a layer of dirt. The Track Tillr uses an entirely new set of tooling to bust up hard ruts, fill the track with soil (not trash), and pack it and feather out the soil surface up to 99″ wide.

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